Company Profile

Brokers Federation of Ireland is a limited company, formed over 20 years ago. The Federation consists of 45 individual brokerage firms with 66 offices located throughout the Republic of Ireland.

There are 10 members of the board of directors who meet monthly under chairperson Peter Hanlon. The Federation acts as a network group for its members all of whom are small or medium sized non-life insurance practitioners. We are a network community of independent brokers whose purpose is to help members prosper and grow whilst retaining independence. We want to enable you compete more effectively through our focus on products and services, to deliver better outcomes for your customers. The company is managed by its CEO Sean Boyle ACII.

Current Facilities

  • Commercial Combined

  • Shops and Offices

  • Household

  • Light Commercial Vehicles

  • Engineering and Special Lines

  • Private Car

  • Financial Lines

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